Hot stuff

I had this crocheted hexagon hanging around for ages.

Just placed it on some scrap fabric, drew around the same shape with a wide border and cut out 2 fabric pieces.

On the sewing machine with matching thread, sewed around the perimeter of the crocheted motif. Use a 5 mm stitch length and tied of the start and end by pulling the threads to the back and tying off.

With right sides together of the 2 fabric pieces (one with the crocheted motif attached) sewed around the perimeter leaving a small gap for turning. Folded the seams and ironed the fold. Turned inside out and then hand slip stitched the gap. Note that the corners of the fabric were not trimmed close to the stitching so there is a double set of seam allowances at each corner. This helps bulk out the points of the hexagon shape and keep them crisp.

Et voila funky hot pad.

View from the top:

crocheted hot pad front

and from the bottom:

crocheted hot pad back view

The sewing stitches completely sink into the crochet and are totally invisible and the stitching on the reverse side is covered by the backing. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride worsted, the motif is on top of a funky pattered denim and there is a home dec fabric scrap used for the backing. The motif is the popcorn hexagon from the book “201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas” by Melody Griffiths.

I guess this is what is termed a palette cleanser project.

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