Knit talent Laura Cunitz

I am getting so inspired by knitting and crochet again. There is so much to talk about from my sweater fit experiments in progress to the 2014 Vogue crochet edition (awesome!).

Today I literally stumbled across a hot new (to me at least) hand knitting talent. A woman after my own heart who runs knit experiments on her blog, incorporates crochet ideas into her knitting and is very generous in sharing her knowledge!

This talent is Laura Cunitz of Knitting Nuances.

Laura Cunitz has a pattern in the new Knitty, Fiftyfifty.


I was attracted to Fiftyfifty because of its simple clean lines and beautiful close-up photos of the great detailing. Reading further I discovered that this pattern incorporates fresh thinking about combining texture and shaping in hand knits. These fresh new ideas are posted in great detail on her blog and in free patterns available via Ravelry.

This designer is innovative and it’s so wonderful and inspirational. I love her attention to detail and technique.


Check out the post on her blog where she addresses the question if knitters are patient. I totally agree! I find the weird assumptions of non-knitters so infuriating. Knitters knit not because they are patient, it’s rather the reverse is true!


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2 Responses to Knit talent Laura Cunitz

  1. Laura Cunitz says:

    You certainly made my day. Thanks for stopping by, I love to share new ideas!

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