Simple homemade stitch markers

Here is a tutorial for homemade stitch markers to use in both knitting and crochet.

You will need:

Ring memory wire packet

Memory wire cutters

Round nosed pliers

Making these couldn’t be simpler:

1) Cut the memory wire for each circle ~1 1/2 loops in length. Cut the wire as flush as possible, file down any sharp edges.

2) Using the round-nose pliers, bend each end into a loop. Make these end loops as small and sleek as possible, and snug up the cut edge against the wire.

3) That’s it! Make lots.

The memory wire is skinny but strong; these little workers are reliable and won’t pop open unless commanded. Opening them to release the stitch is a simple manipulation. Furthermore, they are very light and won’t drag and distort the strand of yarn they’re holding onto in the way that coiless safety pins can do.

These features make them very versatile stitch markers. Use them for:

1) Knitting with big needles

2) Marking crochet stitches.

3) Anywhere you would use a coiless safety pin, such as in the knitting methods of Catherine Lowe.

4) Tag them with a note when you have to pack up your knitting project. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the reminder where you left off when you get back to the project again!

Other modifications would be to attach little beads for beautification, or use numbered beads for functionality. Beaded versions make great wine glass stem charms for your non-yarnie friends.

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  1. Many thanks for master-class about homemade stitch markers, it’s simply.

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